Summary of the Cleveland Clinic palliative care response plan to the pandemic

Cleveland Clinic Palliative Care Response Plan to COVID-19
COVID-19 educational resources and tools to facilitate high-quality primary PC by all clinicians
• COVID-19 Comfort Care Electronic Medical Record Order Set
• COVID-19 Symptom Management Guide, Recovery Possible
• COVID-19 Symptom Management Guide, End-of-Life
• Electronic Medical Record Documentation Templates (Progress Note and Death Pronouncement)
• Communication Guide for Advance Care Planning Conversations
• PC Crisis Hotline Pager: 24/7 support available to any caregiver for advice, coaching, or support
Ensuring availability of medications and supplies necessary for symptom management and end-of-life care
• Pharmacy and supply chain needs managed by Cleveland Clinic enterprise leadership
Optimizing physical space and facilities
• Cohorting of patients with COVOD-19 in the intensive care unit, and regular nursing floor managed by Cleveland Clinic enterprise leadership
• Consideration of cohorting patients with COVID-19 who are receiving comfort-focused, end-of-life care
• Consideration of freestanding hospice unit capability for patients with and without COVID-19
Developing systems to facilitate PC delivery
• Strategic deployment of the specialty PC workforce
• Triage system for specialty PC consultation
• Targeted inpatient consultation staffing plan to maximize collaboration, education, and peer support
• Transition to telehealth platforms to minimize longitudinal care interruption for existing PC patients
• Inclusion of advance care planning conversations in ambulatory monitoring programs for patients with COVID-19