Recommendation for personal protective equipment for COVID-19

Face Mask (surgical or ear-loop mask)N95 (fit-tested respirator)Protective Eyewear (goggles or faceshield)Gown & Gloves
If you are a Patient or Visitor who is asymptomatic, no risk factorsNo personal protective equipment precautions required. Follow CDC guidelines, limit social interactions, practice hand hygiene. Follow visitation guidelines to limit exposure.
If you are a Patient with respiratory symptoms OR confirmed or pending test results for respiratory virus or COVID-19Wear Face Mask while being transported (Not required while in hospital room)
If you are a Visitor seeing a patient who is undergoing respiratory viral testing with pending results or who is COVID-19 positive
Wear Face Mask (in room w/patient only)Wear Gown & Gloves
Caregivers Performing Screening at Hospital or Department at Point of EntryWear Face Mask*Wear Protective Eyewear**
Clinical Caregivers Actively Seeing Patients
• Contact/Droplet + Eyewear & Specified Precautions
• For transportation guidance olease click here
Wear Face MaskWear Protective E yewearWear Gown & Gloves
Collection of all Respiratory Viral Specimens for Testing (Including COVID)
• caregivers obtaining nasopharyngeal/oropharyngeal swab
Wear Face MaskWear Protective EyewearWear Gown & Gloves
Performing Procedures and Surgeries
• aerosolized risk: Bronchoscopy, nebulization.
NIPPV. open tracheal suctioning, intubation/extubation. endoscopies, naso-enteric tube placement. TEE. high flow 02; ear-nose throat surgery, oropharyngeal/tracheal surgeries, lung laparoscopic surgery
WearN95Wear Protective EyewearWear Gown & Gloves
  • * Face mask usage: Extended use for face masks: One mask per shift. Change face mask with contamination with respiratory secretions or obvious soilage or damage. Masks should always be worn covering nose and mouth. Used mask handled by ear loops ONLY. Never touch the front of the mask. Perform hand hygiene after handling used mask. Do not reapply a used mask.

  • ** Protective eyewear: Reusable goggles or facemask preferable. Can be worn for extended period. Must be cleaned with disinfectant wipes with contamination/soilage and after each use.