Cleveland Clinic caregiver resources for coping with moral distress

Effective strategies to manage moral distress: consider the need to address the moral event and the distress (psychological/emotional/spiritual) caused by the event.
Moral Event and Distress
Moral Distress Reflective Dialogues and Debriefs (MDRD) are facilitated by a clinical ethicist and independently licensed social worker or chaplain to provide caregivers with a safe space to reflect on the moral event(s) that cause them to experience distress. During the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual MDRDs are available.
Moral Event
Targeting the moral event often necessitates a critical examination of the underlying ethical frameworks and consideration of the perspective of others (perspective-taking).
The Ethics Consultation Service (ECS) provides support to patients, loved ones, and health care professionals grappling with ethical issues in the provision of patient care. At Cleveland Clinic, the ECS is available 24/7 by paging 22512, placing an EPIC order, or referring to the on-call directory via the intranet.
During COVID-19, clinical ethicists in the Center for Bioethics have provided recommendations on a number of issues, including how to decide whether surgery should be considered essential and whether exceptions to the visitation policy are warranted, how to develop ethically robust triage protocols, and how to deal with conflicting ethical values. Clinical ethicists are also available to assist with organizational ethics issues that may cause moral distress, including supporting the development of processes that can be considered fair, equitable, and transparent.
Caring for Caregivers is available to support caregivers through life's challenges, providing counseling and Critical Incident Response services. During the COVID-19 pandemic, 30-minute Boost appointments are also available to talk through feelings and provide support.
Call Caring for Caregivers at 216.445.6970 for support.
Office of Professional Staff Affairs provides confidential services for employees to support psychological distress. We recommend their services for any caregiver who is concerned about stress or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Spiritual Care is available 24/7 for coping with loss, stress, suffering, and more as well as for faith-based concerns. All visits are conducted via phone or FaceTime and are free. Anonymous calls are welcome. Call the Grief and Relief Support Line at 844.204.7433 for support.