Fibrosis staging systems for HCV and NAFLD

StageIshak staging for HCV10METAVIR staging for HCV11NASH Clinical Research Network staging system for NAFLD12
0No fibrosisNo fibrosisNo fibrosis
1Expansion of some portal areas with or without septaPortal fibrosis without septaPerisinusoidal or periportal fibrosis
2Expansion of most portal areas with or without septaPortal fibrosis with rare septaPerisinusoidal and portal/periportal fibrosis
3Expansion of most portal areas with occasional portal-portal bridgingPortal fibrosis with numerous septaBridging fibrosis
4Expansion of portal areas with marked bridging (portal-portal, portal-central)CirrhosisCirrhosis
5Marked bridging with occasional nodules (incomplete cirrhosis)
  • HCV = hepatitis C virus; METAVIR = Meta-analysis of Histological Data in Viral Hepatitis; NAFLD = nonalcoholic fatty liver disease; NASH = nonalcoholic steatohepatitis