The patient’s initial laboratory values

SubstanceValueaReference range
Sodium131 mmol/L135–147
Potassium5.6 mmol/L3.5–5.1
Chloride98 mmol/L97–106
Carbon dioxide17 mmol/L22–33
Creatinine2.5 mg/dL0.40–1.09
Blood urea nitrogen77 mg/dL5.9–19.9
Corrected calcium2.41 mmol/L2.1–2.6
Magnesium1.03 mmol/L0.7–0.96
Bilirubin, total1.35 mg/dL0.29–1.23
Bilirubin, direct0.53 mg/dL0–0.41
Aspartate aminotransferase43 U/L10–32
Alanine aminotransferase33 U/L< 25
Lactate dehydrogenase563 U/L63–200
Gamma glutamyl transferase342 U/L5–29
Alkaline phosphatase888 U/L30–120
White blood cell count3.8 × 109/L4.5–11
Absolute neutrophil count0.57 × 109/L1.8–5.4
Hemoglobin8.8 g/dL12.0–16.0
Platelets143 × 109/L140–440
Human chorionic gonadotropin< 1 mIU/mL0–5
Random cortisol20.3 μg/dLAM 5.1–25.0
PM 2.9–16.0
Tacrolimus levelb10.5 ug/L0–15 ug/L
  • a Abnormal levels are in boldface type.

  • b Level taken on the second day of admission.