Commercially available home COVID-19 tests

Lucira All-In-One Test KitEllume Home TestBinaxNOW Home Test
Test typeIsothermal amplificationAntigenAntigen
Authorized for asymptomatic individualsNoYesNo
Authorized age≥14 years olda≥2 years oldb≥15 years old
Prescription requiredYesNoYes
Time to results30 minutes15 minutes15 minutes
Results reportingHealthcare provider responsible for reportingVia smartphone appVia internet-based provider (eMed) in conjunction with a smartphone app
Approximate cost, US$$50$30$25
Positive percent agreement with RT-PCR (sensitivity)cAll Ct values: 94%
Ct values ≤ 37.5: 100%
Overall: 95%
Symptomatic: 96%
Asymptomatic: 91%
Within 7 days of onset ofsymptoms
All Ct values: 92%
Ct values ≤ 33 cycles: 100%
Negative percent agreement with RT-PCR (specificity)cOverall: 98%Overall: 97%
Symptomatic: 100%
Asymptomatic: 96%
Within 7 days of onset of symptoms
All Ct values: 100%
Ct values ≤ 33 cycles: 100%
  • Ct = cycle threshold; EUA = emergency use authorization; RT-PCR = reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction

  • a Can be performed in individuals 13 years old and younger if obtained by a healthcare provider.

  • b Individuals less than 16 years old need to have the specimen collected by an adult.

  • c Values rounded to whole numbers.