Current CDC recommendations on COVID-19 vaccination

Clinical history Action recommended
ContraindicationsHistory of immediate allergic reaction of any severity (including anaphylaxis) to mRNA COVID-19 vaccine or any component of the vaccine (including polyethylene glycol)
History of immediate allergic reaction of any severity to polysorbate
Vaccine should not be administered
  • Refer to allergist/immunologist for further evaluation and to determine if the patient can safely receive the vaccine

PrecautionsHistory of immediate allergic reaction to any other vaccine or injectable therapy (not related to COVID-19 vaccine component or polysorbate)
  • Discuss risks/benefits with the patient, consider:

    • Risk of COVID-19 exposure

    • Risk of COVID-19–related complications or death

    • Prior history of COVID-19 infection

    • Risk of anaphylaxis and availability of vaccination site equipped to treat anaphylaxis

  • Consider deferring vaccination until further information is known or refer to allergist/immunologist

  • If vaccine is given, the patient should be observed for 30 minutes after administration

No Contraindications or precautionsHistory of allergic reactions unrelated to vaccines or injectable therapy, COVID-19 vaccine components including polyethylene glycol, or polysorbate. This includes those with allergies to foods, latex, gelatin, venom, pets, environmental allergens, or oral medicationsAdminister the vaccine
  • Patients with history of anaphylaxis from any cause should be observed for 30 minutes after administration

  • All other patients should be observed for 15 minutes after administration

  • Reprinted from reference 17