Randomized controlled trials of corticosteroids in septic shock

Author and yearNumber of patientsMajor findings
Annane et al,68 2002  300Lower mortality rate and shorter duration of shock in corticotropin nonresponders with hydrocortisone + fludrocortisone, but not in all patients
Sprung et al,69 2008  499No difference in mortality rate, but shorter duration of shock and no increased risk of superinfection with hydrocortisone
Keh et al,70 2016  380No benefit of hydrocortisone in preventing septic shock or decreasing mortality in severe sepsis
Annane et al,66 20181,241Lower mortality rate and shorter duration of shock and mechanical ventilation with addition of hydrocortisone + fludrocortisone.
Venkatesh et al,67 20183,800No reduction in mortality with addition of hydrocortisone, but reduced duration of shock, mechanical ventilation and length of stay in intensive care unit