Randomized controlled trials of vasopressors and inotropes in septic shock

Author and yearNumber of patientsMajor findings
Annane et al,62 2007  330No difference in mortality with epinephrine vs norepinephrine ± dobutamine; higher lactate elevation and lower pH in epinephrine group
Russell et al,57 2008  780No reduction in mortality with addition of vasopressin to norepinephrine
Survival benefit in patients with septic shock requiring norepinephrine < 15 μg/min
Vasopressin had norepinephrine-sparing effect.
De Backer et al,51 20101,679Higher rates of mortality and arrhythmia with dopamine than with norepinephrine
Gordon et al,56 2016  409No improvement in kidney failure-free days, use of renal replacement therapy, or mortality with vasopressin
Khanna et al,60 2017  344Angiotensin II increased blood pressure in refractory vasodilatory shock