Screening instruments for post-intensive care unit cognitive impairment

Screening toolNumber of questionsInterpretation of resultsFurther information
Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA)3026-30 Normal cognitive function
< 26 Ninety percent sensitive for mild cognitive impairment and 100% sensitive for dementia of Alzheimer (although scores for Alzheimer disease are typically much lower)
< 18 Cutoff typically used for dementia of Alzheimer
Note: If patient has < 12 years of education, add 1 point to score
Promising, larger studies needed for validation in critical illness patients
Excellent reliability independent of intensive care unit setting
MoCA-blind (MoCA without visual elements)22> 18 No cognitive impairment
< 17 Suggestive of cognitive impairment
Scoring is only suggestive and has not been validated
Mini-Mental State Examination3024-30 No cognitive impairment
18-23 Mild cognitive impairment
0-17 Severe cognitive impairment
Note: Ranges may vary based on education level
Poor sensitivity in survivors of acute respiratory illness
  • Based on information in references 4044.