A comparison of the 2022 USPSTF and 2019 ACC/AHA guidelines for daily aspirin use for primary prevention, by age

Age 40 to 60Age 60 to 70Age > 70
USPSTF 20221Individualize for risk > 10% for CVD events using pooled cohort equation (grade C)No aspirin (grade D)No aspirin (grade D)
ACC/AHA 201910Individualize for higher risk patients (COR IIb/LOE A)Individualize for higher risk patients (COR IIb/LOE A)No aspirin (COR III/LOE B-R)
  • ACC = American College of Cardiology; AHA = American Heart Association; COR = class of recommendation; COR IIb/LOE A = high-quality evidence showing treatment may be reasonable, but effectiveness is not well established; COR III/LOE B-R = moderate-quality evidence showed no benefit and potential harm; CVD = cardiovascular disease; grade C = small benefit in select patients; grade D = no net benefit or harm outweighs benefit; LOE = level of evidence