Screening for common adverse effects of corticosteroids in patients with chronic graft-vs-host disease

Adverse effectsScreening
Metabolic and endocrineHyperglycemia
Adrenal insufficiency
Weight gain
Measure hemoglobin A1c every 3 months
Monitor complete metabolic panel and blood pressure
Weigh at every visit
Avascular necrosis
Obtain dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry scan within first year after hematopoietic cell transplant
Obtain radiograph if symptoms are present
Ask about muscle pain and weakness
NeuropsychiatricInsomnia, mania, psychosisAsk about sleep and psychiatric symptoms
Fluid retention
Check blood pressure at every visit
Weigh at every visit
GastrointestinalGastritis, peptic ulcer diseaseAsk about gastrointestinal symptoms
HematologicLeukocytosisMonitor complete blood cell count
DermatologicAcne, hirsutismPerform skin examination at every visit
  • Based on information from reference 10.