Dosing and patient counseling for tecovirimat

Dosing of oral tecovirimat
Patient weight 40 to < 120 kg: 600 mg every 12 hours
Patient weight ≥ 120 kg: 600 mg every 8 hours
Patient counseling
Tecovirimat is generally well-tolerated
The most frequently reported side effects are headache, nausea, and abdominal pain
Tecovirimat must be administered with a full meal with high fat content (ideally 600 calories and 25 g of fat)a
For patients who cannot swallow capsules, the capsules may be opened and the entire contents mixed with 30 mL of liquid or soft food
  • a If the patient cannot consume a high-fat meal, providers should consider using the intravenous formulation to ensure adequate drug levels are achieved.