Interventions to address in shared medical appointments for obesity

Weight loss
Interactive education at each appointment
Led by a prescribing practitioner (physician or nurse practitioner)
Goal: 7%–10% weight loss in 1 year
Structured diet program
Supervised by a registered dietitian
Goal: calorie deficit of 500–750/day
Physical activity
Individualized exercise program
Evaluated by an exercise physiologist
Goals: ≥ 150 minutes/week of aerobic exercise
    200–300 minutes/week for long-term maintenance
Appetite control
Evaluation for drug use, as indicated
Assessed by a prescribing practitioner
Education on drug use and purpose in obesity treatment
Education on impact of sleep on weight control
Screen for sleep apnea
Refer to a sleep specialist, if indicated
Promote healthy sleep habits
Stress and mood disorders
Structured behavioral program to promote self-management and adherence to treatment
Refer to a behavioral health specialist, if indicated