Cognitive enhancers approved for Alzheimer disease

DrugProprietary name (date approved)IndicationsFormulations
Cholinesterase inhibitors
DonepezilAricept (1996), generics availableMild to moderate disease (5–10 mg), moderate to severe disease (10–23 mg)Tablets, disintegrating tablets
RivastigmineExelon (2000), generics availableMild to moderate diseaseTablets, oral solution, transdermal patch
GalantamineRazadyne (2001), generics availableMild to moderate diseaseImmediate-release tablets, oral solution, extended-release tablets
N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor antagonist
MemantineNamenda (2003), generics availableModerate to severe diseaseTablets, oral solution
Combination drug
Donepezil + memantineNamzaric (2014), generics availableModerate to severe diseaseExtended-release capsules