Cretinism: Comparative features of neurologic and myxomatous subtypes

Neurologic cretinismaMyxomatous cretinisma
Period of intrauterine iodine deficiencyEarly in pregnancy (maternal hypothyroidism)Late in pregnancy
Continuing postnatal iodine deficiencyNoYes
Deaf-mutismOften presentAbsent
Neurologic deficits
 Gait disturbances
Often presentAbsent
GrowthNormalGrowth retardation
Epiphyseal dysgenesis
Physical signs of hypothyroidism
 Coarse, dry skin
 Delayed relaxation of reflexes
Effect of thyroid hormone replacementNo effectImprovement
  • a The features of the two subtypes may overlap, depending on the duration and magnitude of postnatal hypothyroidism.