American Diabetes Association recommendations for exercise in type 2 diabetes

Aerobic exercise: At least 150 minutes/week of moderate to vigorous exercise
  • Spread over 3 to 7 days/week, with no more than 2 consecutive days between exercise bouts

  • Daily exercise is suggested to maximize insulin action

  • Shorter durations (at least 75 minutes/week) of vigorous-intensity or interval training may be sufficient for younger and more physically fit patients

  • May be performed continuously, or as high-intensity interval training

Resistance exercise: Progressive moderate to vigorous resistance training should be completed 2 to 3 times/ week on nonconsecutive days
  • At least 8 to 10 exercises, with completion of 1 to 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions

Flexibility and balance training are recommended 2 to 3 times/week for older adults
Participation in supervised training programs is recommended to maximize health benefits of exercise in type 2 diabetes
  • Data from Colberg et al.18