Contraceptive methods rated ‘moderately effective’

Type of contraceptionHow it worksFailure rateaAdvantagesDisadvantages
Male condomPhysical barrier to sperm2%–18%Best protection against sexually transmitted diseaseCan break; must be used consistently to be effective
Female condomPhysical barrier to sperm5%–21%Can be placed before intercourse; protects against sexually transmitted diseaseMore expensive than male condoms; must be used consistently to be effective
DiaphragmPhysical barrier to sperm6%–12%Can be inserted 6-8 hours before a sexual encounter and can be reused; slight reduction in risk of some sexually transmitted diseases (not human immunodeficiency virus)May increase the risk of urinary tract infections; effective only when used with a spermicide; must be used consistently to be effective
  • a Within first year; lower number is with ideal consistent use, whereas higher number is with typical use.

  • Based on information in references 21 and 23