Patient selection criteria for ECMO

Hypoxic respiratory failure indications
Acute respiratory distress syndrome due to any cause
Bridge to lung transplant
Primary graft failure of lung transplant
Pao2/Fio2 < 150 while the patient is receiving Fio2 > 90% and high positive end-expiratory pressure (15–20 cm H2O)
Murray score ≥ 2
Inability to maintain airway plateau pressure ≤ 30 cm H2O
Hypercapneic respiratory failure indications
Exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Status asthmaticus
Paco2 > 80 mm Hg
pH < 7.15
Airway plateau pressure ≤ 30 cm H2O
Cardiac failure indications
Myocardial infarction-associated cardiogenic shock
Fulminant myocarditis
Sepsis-associated myocardial depression
Extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Postcardiotomy or post-heart transplant cardiogenic shock
Primary graft failure after heart transplant
Bridge to ventricular assist device implantation or heart transplant
Absolute contraindications
Uncontrolled active hemorrhage
Terminal illness
Irreversible or end-stage heart or lung failure in patients who are not candidates for transplant
Relative contraindications
More than 7 days on mechanical ventilation with high Fio2 or high-pressure ventilation
Nonpulmonary organ dysfunction, especially renal failure
Irreversible central nervous system dysfunction
Malignancy, solid-organ transplant, or immunosuppression
Conditions precluding use of anticoagulation
Advanced age
Weight > 125 kg