Resources on reproductive health and the environment

Information from professional associations, academic institutions, community organizations, and government agencies
Academic Pediatric Association
Research articles
American Society for Reproductive Medicine
Environment and reproduction special interest group membership information
Research articles
Smoking and infertility
Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice
Safer products and working conditions, specifically in nail salons
Association of Reproductive Health Professionals
Clinical publications
Continuing medical education
California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative
Improving the health and safety of workers and customers in nail salons
California Teratogen Information Service
Pregnancy risk information
Environmental exposures and reproductive health
Center for Science in the Public Interest
Steps to protect pregnant women from harmful bacteria and parasites in food
Collaborative on Health and the Environment
Chemicals, endocrine disruptors, and reproductive health concerns
Environmental Working Group
Index of chemicals with associated routes of exposure and health effects
March of Dimes
Environmental risks and pregnancy
Mercury and reproductive health
Moms Rising
Pesticides and pregnancy
National Institute of Environmental Health Science
How endocrine disruptors work and their effects
US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Effects of tobacco, pesticides, and lead on reproductive health and infertility
Diethylstilbestrol update
US Food and Drug Administration
dvice for parents on bisphenol A
University of California San Francisco Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment
Publications on reproductive health related to exposures at work, food and chemical exposure, and toxins in everyday living
Women for a Healthy Environment
dvice on eating habits, exercising, and avoiding certain chemicals for healthier, environmentally safe pregnancies
Women’s Health and the Environment
Information on avoiding polyvinyl chloride, styrene, and polycarbonate to maintain hormonal health
Women’s Voices for the Earth
Chemicals and reproductive health