Testing methods for Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea

TestPositive predictive valueaNegative predictive valueaCost11Turnaround time11
Toxigenic culture94%998%9$10–3024–48 hours, up to 9 days
C difficile cytotoxin neutralization assay93%997%9$15–2524–48 hours
EIA for GDH73%997%9$15–2015 minutes
EIA for toxins A and B70%1092%10$15–2015 minutes
Nucleic acid amplification tests84%1099%10$25–302.5 hours
  • a Positive predictive value and negative predicted value may vary based on specific assay and local prevalence

  • EIA = enzyme immunoassay, GDH = glutamate dehydrogenase