Racial and ethnic differences in atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease risk and coronary artery calcium scores

AsianHispanic and LatinoBlack, Native American, and Alaskan
ASCVD riskSouth Asiansa have higher ASCVD risk than East AsiansbIndividuals from Puerto Rico have the highest ASCVD risk15
CVD mortality is higher in Hispanics than whites
Increased ASCVD risk14
Greater rates of CHD events compared with non-Hispanic white populations17
CAC scoreSouth Asian men have similar CAC burden to non-Hispanic white men, but higher CAC compared with blacks and Latinos18
South Asian women have similar CAC scores compared with other ethnic and racial groups18
Lower CAC burden compared with Asian-Americans and non-Hispanic whites16Lower CAC scores compared with whites and Hispanics16
  • a Individuals from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka make up most of the South Asian group.

  • b Individuals from Japan, Korea, and China make up most of of the East Asian group.

  • ASCVD = atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease; CAC = coronary artery calcium; CHD = coronary heart disease; CVD = cardiovascular disease