Agents used to treat alcohol use disorder

AgentFDA-approvedPotential issuesContraindicationsSide effects
DisulfiramYesPoor compliance hinders effectivenessConcurrent alcohol exposureLiver and kidney toxicity, neuropathy
AcamprosateYesLimited benefitRenal failureDiarrhea
NaltrexoneYesLimited benefit Requires complete opioid abstinenceOpioid use, liver failureHeadache, nausea, dizziness
NalmefeneNoLimited benefit Not available in the United StatesOpioid useNausea, fatigue, dizziness
GabapentinNoLimited data Abuse potential in some individualsOpioid use disorder is a relative contraindicationDizziness, somnolence, ataxia
TopiramateNoPotential for neurocognitive side effectsNoneParesthesia, neurocognitive change, anorexia
VareniclineNoLimited data Modest effect sizeSeizure disorder is a relative contraindicationNausea
BaclofenNoEfficacy unclear May require high dosesRenal failure Seizure disorder is a relative contraindicationSomnolence, dizziness